Describe this pose...?

Describe this pose...?

Smart Dog Behaviour & Training is run by Certified Dog Trainer / Behaviourist Mia Shaw (NDTF) 

I've been working professionally with dogs for the past 4 years & have been in the Animal Industry for 6 years.

I became inspired to become a trainer after learning & reading about dogs being rehabilitated after being rescued from illegal dog-fighting organisations in the states (Michael Vick case) 

This story & the story of the dogs involved, the people who saved, rehabilitated, loved & trained them, the shelters who housed & cared for them, & the families who subsequently adopted them, sparked the direction I've been following ever since.

My passion has been working with and training shelter / rescue dogs & the biggest reward for me is helping new families understand how to build a lifelong bond with their pets & bring out their best, using modern, reward based & effective training techniques.

Dogs are family & helping people understand their dogs & their behaviours & then using this to train & help them live a balanced & rich life is what it's all about for me. 

From home visits, to puppy & adult group training classes to workshops on dogs & their behaviour, my aim is to be able to provide pet owners with the knowledge, tools & positive energy they need to live happily with their pets.