"We got our cocker spaniel 'Inca' when he was 1 year old. He had developed some bad habits and required training. Mia came to our house and she was amazing with Inca. She was very patient and understanding and whenever we had a question she would respond to us and follow up to check how Inca was progressing. I would highly recommend Mia and very thankful for how she's helped Inca."
Greg, Del and Inca

"We adopted Stella from Pet Rescue in November 2015 and she was totally disengaged with the world and did not have any normal doggie behaviour. We wanted to help her transition into our family and so we attended obedience classes for four weeks with Mia. 

 We are so grateful to Mia for her patience and commitment to Stella and all dogs. She is a delightful trainer and kept things easy and basic. Mia was always interested in hearing feedback on how we all did with our homework training and offered lots of good ideas to assist with some of the problems we had come up against. Lots of other good advice was given on different behavioural problems even if it wasn’t part of the training program.

The lessons were always professional, personal and specific to our doggies in the class. Mia has been contactable via email or phone and said she is happy to continue with any ongoing advice. I think Mia is just one of those people that totally understands doggies and she has a natural connection with them all.

Thank you so much Mia you are a fantastic instructor and we appreciate all your help and advice."

Margie, Kelly and Stella

"When we first got our Kelpie puppy Winnie home, Mia came three times a week to do a walk/train session as I didn't want her to be at home all day by herself while I was at work. From the first time I met Mia, I instantly loved the way she was with Winnie- so natural yet so professional. 

Mia did everything she could to help Winnie adjust to the outside world, her new environment, different noises, obedience and her social skills. We really couldn't have done it without her!"

-Rachel, Lorne & Winnie